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                  Huayi International's 2019 spring auction ended successfully with a total turnover of over 701 million yuan.

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                  In 2019, the 25-year-old Huayi International opened an important node in the new era. Following the first auction in Hong Kong in May this year with a total turnover of more than 540 million Hong Kong dollars, Guangzhou Spring Auction continued to make persistent efforts. On August 11th, it successfully closed with more than 701 million yuan. official. At this point, Huayi International 2019 spring shoot officially came to a close, at the same time, the global auction of autumn shoots was fully opened. I sincerely thank the vast number of Tibetan friends for their support since the beginning of the road, and look forward to your continued attention and love for Huayi International!

                  On August 9-11, after three days of intense and fierce competition, Huayi International 25th Anniversary·2019 Spring Auction achieved gratifying results. Among them, “Wu Wu Shouzheng – from Zhai Zhai to Mei Jing Shu Wu” won the “White Gloves”; 12 pieces sold over 10 million yuan; the standing section performed steadily, and many new sections presented surprises... In the meantime, the newsletter has been passed down, and the highlights are frequent.

                  Chinese calligraphy

                  In this spring shoot, more than 700 pieces of the six special exhibitions created by the Chinese calligraphy and painting section have won more than 409 million yuan. In the "Modern Paintings and Calligraphy" special session, Fu Baoshi's "Red Classic" theme masterpiece "Lushan Poetry" sold for 58.075 million yuan, leading the spring shoot; reflecting Qi Baishi's interest and innocence "Maple secluded" for 21.85 million yuan The transaction was performed well; the "Ming Mohong He", which witnessed the friendship between Pan Tianshou and his friends, was sold at a price of 19.5 million yuan, which was a good result.

                  Chinese painting and calligraphy section TOP5

                  Fu Baoshi's "Yishan Poetry" 58.075 million yuan

                  Qi Baishi's "Maple Vine Retreat" 21.85 million yuan

                  Pan Tianshou "referring to the ink red lotus" 19.5 million yuan

                  Zheng Banqiao's "Bamboo Stone Map" 18.515 million yuan

                  Wu Hufan's "Xishan Qiuxiaotu" 18.4 million yuan 

                  Fu Baoshi's "Shishan Poetry"


                  From Wu Dazhao to Wu Hufan, as well as their "friend circle" and "teacher-student circle" celebrities, Jiangnan Wu family is elegant and consistent. Since the launch of "Wu Wu Shouzheng - From Zhai Zhai to Mei Jing Shu Wu" in the autumn of last year, the company has been widely recognized by the collectors. After the in-depth academic analysis of Huayi International, this season's auction has once again launched this special event. In this auction, Wu Hufan's "Xishan Qiuxiaotu" won a gratifying result with a turnover of 18.4 million yuan.


                  During the auction preview period, the collectors were highly praised for their exquisite exhibitions, in addition to the above-mentioned “Wu Wu Shouzheng – From Zhai Zhai to Mei Jing Shu Wu”, as well as “outside – ancient paintings and literati The study is special. In this special session, Zheng Banqiao's "Bamboo Stone Map" in the old age was sold for 18.515 million yuan. Qing Shi "Tianqu Baoyu" recorded the treasures of Zhou Xingyu's "Linmi芾 Five Posts" and sold for 10.35 million yuan. In addition, the "South Zhang Beibei - Zhang Daqian, gnome works collection", "a hundred years of Kaihua - modern and modern celebrity calligraphy" special performance also shines.


                  In the "Guangdong Fine Arts 100 Years Works" special session, Guan Shanyue "Floating Clouds Bishan" was sold for 17.735 million yuan, and the 11 pieces of Li Xiongcai's independent creations were all sold. It can be seen that "Guan Li" is still Lingnan calligraphy and painting. An important "business card" in the field.

                  Porcelain, jade, crafts

                  Although the economic and market environment has been full of variables in recent years, the Huayi International Porcelain, Jade and Crafts sections have grown steadily from the number of lots and the total number of transactions, and have risen against the trend. The auction, including the "Outside the Objects - Ancient Paintings and Calligraphy and Literati Study" created by the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Department, presented a total of more than 1,000 pieces of the lot in the four special editions, and won more than 118 million turnover.


                  Porcelain, jade, crafts section TOP5

                  Blue and white folding flower and fruit pattern hexagonal bottle 10.95 million yuan

                  Dali's 11/12th century Guanyin Bodhisattva statue 9.2 million yuan

                  Dizang Bodhisattva 48.30 million yuan

                  Tsing Cai Fu Shou double full grain double peach shaped big box 45.42 million

                  Imitation official glaze six-sided vertical shoulder bottle 44.85 million yuan

                  "Yuxiangji - Palace and important art treasures" brought a finely crafted, gorgeous and solemn court lacquer ware. The Qing Emperor Qianlong Tseng Choi Shou double full-grain double peach-shaped big box with a price of 4.542 million yuan is the body. One of the rare courts of the amount and craft. There are also many highlights in the court porcelain. For example, the blue and white folded flower and fruit pattern hexagonal bottle was overvalued for 10.695 million yuan.

                  Blue and white folding flower and fruit pattern hexagonal bottle


                  The “Shenjing” special session has been in existence for seven years since its inception. This is the thirteenth issue, which brings together the royal Buddha statues that spanned thousands of years in the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Among them, the exquisite and calm Dali Kingdom's 11/12th century Guanyin Bodhisattva image was sold at a price of 9.2 million yuan, while the net height of 4,625px, huge volume and special craftsmanship made of gold paint was 48,300. Yuan transactions... Good results confirm the art market commentator Xiang Liping said, “Huayi International is a benchmark for the mainland Buddha image auction market. Over the past few years, Huayi International’s Buddha statues have produced a lot of mainland China. The classic imagery and benchmarking price of the past 25 years, 'jingjing - historical statues and religious art' has become a special industry in the industry."


                  "Antiques - Porcelain, Jade, Crafts" is a special session for a wide range of audiences. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the lot, the starting threshold of the lot is relatively low, providing professional and convenient access to the primary antique fans. In this auction, 600 pieces of boutiques started shooting on the morning of August 11. In the nearly 9-hour “tear-saw battle”, the on-site collectors are still enthusiastic, showing that such collections still have huge market potential.


                  Modern and contemporary art

                  The total turnover of “Modern and Contemporary Art” is 47.974 million yuan. It presents several oil paintings, prints and sculptures of modern and contemporary artists throughout the centuries; and once again brought together the classic works of "French Three Musketeers" - Wu Guanzhong, Zao Wou-Ki and Zhu Dequn. Among them, Wu Guanzhong created the "Huangshan Bamboo Forest" in the golden age of oil painting in the 1970s, starting at 18 million yuan, 24 million yuan was lost, and finally sold for 27.6 million yuan; Changyu's two watercolor figures totaled 1.265 million yuan. Valuation of the deal.


                  Modern and Contemporary Art TOP3

                  Wu Guanzhong's "Huangshan Bamboo Forest" 27.6 million yuan

                  Zhao Wuji "01.04.63" 6.9 million yuan

                  Chen Danqing "My teacher, mother" 4.6 million yuan

                  Wu Guanzhong, "Huangshan Bamboo Forest"

                  Jewelry clock

                  The jewellery and clocks section has launched a new special "Art of Elegant Life", covering jewelry watches, Western decorative arts and fashion dolls, with a total turnover of about 22.709 million yuan. One of the natural green jadeite with diamond pendants, rings and earrings set has attracted attention; and many excellent and cost-effective untitled brand jewellery has become a hot spot for chasing, causing fierce bidding; In addition, the newly added tide play sector has attracted many new fashion buyers, and more jewellery watches and clocks have brought a lot of new buyers to the market.

                  Jewelry watch section TOP3

                  Natural green jade with diamond pendant, ring and stud earrings

                  Natural jade "Buddha" ornaments 24.15 million yuan

                  10.20 carats Rectangular rich yellow diamonds with diamond ring 2.18 million yuan

                  Natural green jade with diamond pendant, ring and stud earrings

                  Rare world

                  This spring shoot, "Rare World Zhenzang - Famous Brewing, Health, Jingong Ya" is the first to take the lead, with a total turnover of 2,235,470 yuan, creating a good start for Huayi International 25th Anniversary and 2019 Spring Auction. In the past five hours of competitive bidding, many auctions have achieved outstanding results. Among them, the 1964 Maotai and McAllen 1937, which were closely watched before the auction, were sold for 414,000 yuan and 402,000 yuan respectively, showing that the "wine friends" are fragrant. The love of the family, and confirmed the collection potential of the famous brewing market.


                  The rare real edition of the block

                  Rat Laibao·Golden Pot 563,500 yuan

                  1964 Guizhou Moutai (cotton paper flying card / white porcelain bottle)

                  Rat baobao·gold pot

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